Oct 13 2013

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Lakeside 2014 Draw

William Hill Casino Club

Lakeside 2014 Draw

The Lakeside draw was made just a few minutes ago in front of the Winmau World Masters crowd, and is below.  Previous winner and household name Martin Adams will play a prelim game against David Cameron (not the prime minister ;-) ).

Mens Draw

Preliminary Round

Shamitsu Hiriaki v Christian Kist
Harley Kemp v Michael Meaney
Madars Razma v John Michael
David Cameron v Martin Adams
Karel Sedlacek v Paul Hogan
Jeroen Geerdink v David Prins
New Zealand Qualifier v Winmau World Master or Sam Head
Jim Woodmeyer v Garry Thompson

First Round Draw

1. Stephen Bunting v Jim Woodmeyer or Garry Thompson
16. Jim Williams v Jeroen Geerdink or David Prins
8. Remco van Eijden v Rik Hofstra
9. Jeffrey de Graaf v Martin Atkins
4. Darryl Fitton v Tony Eccles
13. Wesley Harms v Paul Jennings
5. Robbie Green v Richie George
12. Gary Robson v Ron Meulenkamp
2. James Wilson v Shamitsu Hiriaki or Christian Kist
15. Scott Mitchel v Karel Sedlacek or Paul Hogan
7. Scott Waites v Alan Norris
10. Glen Durrant v New Zealand Qualifier or Winmau Master or Sam Head
11. Geert de Vos v Madars Razma v John Michael
6. Jan Dekker v Benito van der Pas
14. Ross Montgomery v Harly Kemp or Michael Meaney
3. Tony O’Shea v David Cameron or Martin Adams


No.8 Seed: Irina Armstrong (Ger)  v  Sharon Prins (Neth)
No.1 Seed: Deta Hedman (Eng)  v  Lorraine Farlam (Eng)
No.4 Seed: Julia Gore (Wal)  v  Rachna David (Nor)
No.5 Seed: Rachel Brooks (Eng)  v  Ann Louise Peters-(Den)
No.6 Seed: Fallon Sherrock (Eng)  v  Rilana Erades-(Neth)
No.3 Seed: Anastasia Dobromyslova (Rus)  v  Karin Krappen-(Neth)
No.2 Seed: Trina Gullivar (Eng) v Tamara Schuur (Neth)
No.7 Seed: Aileen de Graaf (Neth)  v  Lisa Ashton (Eng)

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Krispy Brown

Webmaster of this any many darts websites, darts fan, bad darts player (45 average), I play for Stilton Country Club, real ale and craft beer fan, CAMRA Member.

I run the huge PDC fansite too; http://www.pdc-darts.co.uk, as well as the official sites for many players, including; Justin Pipe, Terry Jenkins, Kevin Painter, Dean Winstanley, Stuart Kellett, Steve Brown, Jamie Caven.

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  1. david wilson

    Can you please tell me exactly when the BDO darts will be televised so I can put it in my diary. Thank you.

    1. Krispy Brown

      Can’t do that – it’s almost a case of ‘IF’ not ‘WHEN’… Masters got shown by Eurosport… will the Lakeside be on BBC & BT Sport… and how much coverage will there be?

      1. Tony May


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